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Our client philosophy

We want to help you actively manage your investment and take advantage of the opportunities that emerge in complex global investment markets.


We understand that every investor is different. This is why we work closely with you to establish the right mix of growth and defensive investments to suit your tolerance to risk and where you are in life.


CCWM gives you the flexibility to be as engaged or involved in your investments structures as you want. While some people want to be involved in every decision, many prefer a financial professional to manage their investments on a day-to-day basis.


Our highly experienced investment managers combine personal understanding with experience and sound knowledge of the financial strategies that work.


Why Collins Co Wealth Management?


CCWM is a licensed financial advisory. Our advisers have substantial experience, the highest industry accreditations, demonstrated business acumen, and a track record of excellent client service.



We first develop an understanding of your existing situation and life goals. The advice we deliver is ultimately built around your risk tolerance and lifestyle requirements, in full understanding that individual values and attitudes can vary significantly from person to person.



The strength of our many long-term client relationships reflects our dedication to operating with honesty and integrity. CCWM strives to be clear and concise in all our communications, and to ensure details of all investments and costs are straightforward and easily accessible.



We operate under our own Australian Financial Services Licence. This helps us draw on a database of highly sophisticated research and opinions to make the right investment decisions for you. It also enables us to be responsive in our investment choices and assess the best outcome for your circumstances.

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